Established in 1985, New Hope Inc. is an outreach organization that provides help for single first-time mothers and their babies.

New Hope provides subsidies for housing, day care, education, and counseling. New Hope was founded on the premise that all human life is precious. The volunteers at New Hope understand the upset, indeed the often challenging aspects, of an unplanned and unwanted pregnancy.

However, their conviction that each new life is unique, unrepeatable, and sacred helps them guide mothers in making truly wise short-range and long-range decisions. Under her mentor’s watchful eyes, each new mother begins a comfortable bonding process with her new baby, unborn or born.

The supporters of New Hope understand that, unless they are part of the solution, they might be considered part of the problem of unintended pregnancies and of young women who feel unable to cope with their situations.

Our Mission

The mission of New Hope, Inc. is to help young mothers attain:

  • Emotional Stability
  • Parenting Expertise
  • Physical well-being
  • Spiritual serenity and growth
  • Financial security and a meaningful career

Volunteers focus on goal orientation for the young mother and the oversight of her growth in basic skills.

baby sleepingThe all-volunteer staff commits to the new mothers and helps them tend to their everyday and emergency needs via a one-on-one Mentor support system. A mentor might console and counsel via phone, e-mail, and, often, a monthly one hour meeting with her young mother and her baby. Needs are most often tended to with empathy, but sometimes with “tough love.” Many young mothers need help in educational and/or career choices; vocational testing and analysis is provided. For those entering the program without a high school degree, obtaining a GED is top priority.

New Hope has helped many young women begin their advanced courses after they obtain their GEDs.

One young mother became a dentist and another became a doctor thanks to supporters of New Hope. It is a wonderful thing, indeed, to see the perseverance and fortitude of a young woman with her heart set on goals, facing the challenges of daily living on a shoestring. Knowing that the support of New Hope is behind them, these mothers receive the gifts of security and self-esteem and are enabled to press on when the odds may seem insurmountable.

Focusing on single first-time moms and their babies in Bergen County, New Jersey, New Hope, Inc. does not pretend that it is in the business of “saving the world.”

However, everyone involved can attest to the ripples of love sent out into our communities because of the selfless devotion of New Hope volunteers and their commitment to babies and single first-time moms. New Hope volunteers thrive and feel rewarded by their lifesaving efforts for those facing the difficult circumstances surrounding raising a baby alone, even though single parenthood may be only a temporary situation for many of these mothers.

Each mother’s right to a life of dignity and respect is top priority. Anchored in service, education and love, New Hope dedicates itself to fostering a culture of caring in American society.