Twins Born at 23 Weeks

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Twins were born unexpectedly born during the 23rd week of pregnancy for a mom in Kent, England. Until now it was considered impossible for a child to survive if born at this critical period. The two tiny infants, Albert and Dolly survived, both being just over one pound at birth. […]



How early can you hear a baby’s heartbeat? The baby’s heart starts to beat at around 6 weeks. Listen to the heartbeat of a baby 6.5 weeks after conception. Checking the baby’s heartbeat is part of a regular prenantal checkup. If you would like to hear what a fetus’ heartbeat […]

Risks of Abortion

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There are a number of risk factors associated with abortion. If you are thinking of getting an abortion, please read through these and think seriously of the consequences to yourself, others and your unborn child: Medical Complications Heavy bleeding Infection Incomplete abortion Sepsis Anesthesia Damage to the cervix Scarring of […]