Free Resources for You

Vocational Analysis

A stepping stone towards your decision as to what career path will help you achieve maximum happiness.

Help and guidance with writing a better resume.

A Mentor

A guide and a companion who will travel your path with you, encouraging and affirming you at each step.

You are not alone. New Hope is here to help you.

Financial Subsidies

Help each mom understand her financial situation in detail and put plans in place to help achieve her goals.

Rent, child care, education or other areas of need.

Provisions for You and Your Baby

Diapers, clothes, baby items are available.

Workshops and Social Events

Enjoy the company of other single mothers.

Find the Strength, Motivation & Coping Skills

Opportunities for Personal Growth, motivation and coping skills that lie within you.

  • You are a good woman.

    You are a beautiful woman. You have so much to live for. Your path has taken an unexpected turn: you are single, have never been married, and are facing an unplanned pregnancy.

  • You need a place to go

    You need a place to go where your confidentiality will be respected, a place where you can discuss your choices, a place where life-enhancing solutions can be examined.

  • You may feel powerless

    You may feel powerless when you did not anticipate what is happening to you. You have so many questions to be answered.

  • New Hope Pregnancy Resource Center

    You can turn your life around when you find an outreach center that will be there for you 24/7, upholding your choice for life, assuring that you made the choice that you
    will never regret.

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    Phone: 201-722-4705

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